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About AUMS
The Asian Union of Magnetics Societies (AUMS)
The AUMS was initiated by the four magnetic societies - the Magnetics Society of Japan (MSJ), the Korean Magnetics Society (KMS), the Taiwan Association for Magnetic Technology (TAMT), and the Chinese Society of Magnetic Materials and Applications (CSMMA). The framework of the AUMS was first proposed at the 4th Asia Forum on Magnetics in Taiwan, 2007. One year later in Beijing, at the 5th Asia Forum foundation of the AUMS has been decided.

The first Council meeting was held in Sendai on March 25, 2009, where a new international conference of AUMS (IcAUMS) was initiated and to be held every other year. The first inaugural meeting was held in Korea 2010.

Since the establishment in January 1, 2009, AUMS has been contributing tremendous efforts to promote advances in the fields of magnetism, magnetic materials and applications in Asia Pacific region. IcAUMS has been very proud of providing an outstanding platform for all scientists, experts, and entrepreneurs to communicate and exchange recent academic and industrial developments. So far it has been successfully held four times in Korea (2010), Japan (2012), China (2014), and Taiwan (2016).

The 5th IcAUMS is now waiting for you in Jeju, Korea, June 3-7, 2018.
The AUMS Council Members
Koki Takanashi Tohoku University  Japan
Vice President  
Kyung-Ho Shin Korea Institute of Science and Technology Korea
Te-Ho Wu National Yunlin University of Science& Technology Taiwan
Shaoxiong Zhou Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd.&
China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group
General Secretary  
Yasushi Takemura Yokohama National University Japan
Katsuji Nakagawa Nihon University Japan
Masaki Nakano Nagasaki University Japan
Woo Young Lee Yonsei University Korea
Young Keun Kim Korea University Korea
Deren Li China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group China
Run-Wei Li Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS China
Ching-Ray Chang National Taiwan University Taiwan
Mean-Jue Tung
Industrial Technology Research Institute Taiwan
Nikolai Perov Lomonosov Moscow State University Russia
Konstantin Zvezdin Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Russia
Nguyen Huu Duc Vietnam National University Vietnam