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1. Spintronics
Spin-Orbit Torque, Spin-Transfer Torque, Magnetoresistance, THz, Spin Current, MRAM, Skyrmions, etc.
2. Nanostructured Magnetic Materials
Interface Effects, Magnetic Domains, Thin Films, Superlattices, Nanowires, Exchange Bias, 2D Materials, etc.
3. Magnetic Recording and Information Technology
Computing Devices, Patterned Media, Read/Write Heads, etc.
4. Magnetization Dynamics
Spin Waves, Micromagnetics, Ultrafast Switching, etc.
5. Fundamental Properties of Materials
Electronic Structures, Anisotropies, etc.
6. Novel Magnetic Phenomena
Spin Glasses, Superconductivity, Magnetoelasticity, Multiferroics, Oxide Magnets, Voltage Controlled Magnetism, etc.
7. Soft/Hard Magnetic Materials and Their Applications
Soft/Hard Magnetic Materials, Permanent Magnets, Amorphous Alloys, Ferrites, etc.
8. Energy Applications of Magnetic Materials
Motors, Transformers, Power Electronics, etc.
9. Bio-magnetism and Biomedical Applications
Nanoparticles, Chemical Magnetism, Biomedical Sensors and Devices, Magnetofluidics, Molecular Magnets, etc.
10. Functional Magnetic Devices
High Frequency, Sensors, Actuators, Magneto-Optics, Magnetic Shielding and Absorption, Wireless Power Transfer, etc.
11. Magnetic Characterizations
Microscopy, Soft/Hard X-rays, Magnetic Measurement Techniques, etc.