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Welcome Message
Dear Colleagues,

It is tremendous honor to invite you to the 5th International Conference of Asian Union of Magnetics Societies (IcAUMS 2018), which will take place from 3 to 7 June 2018 in Jeju, Korea; what a privilege to host this conference again after holding 1st IcAUMS!

AUMS was initiated in Beijing in October, 2008 by the four magnetic societies – the Magnetic Society of Japan (MSJ), the Korean Magnetics Society (KMS), the Taiwan Association for Magnetic Technology (TAMT), and the Chines Society of Magnetic Materials and Applications (CSMMA). Since then, IcAUMC has served as an outstanding platform for scientists, experts, and entrepreneurs to exchange the latest information and news in academic and industrial development – held four times, Korea(2010), Japan(2012), China(2014), and Taiwan(2016).

IcAUMS 2018 will provide an opportunity for participants to share new ideas and information on many important issues in magnetism, magnetic materials and related issues. General lectures by prestigious scholars will be provided. We are sure that this conference will be an opportunity to make new acquaintances and to strengthen friendships. Your contributions by papers and presentations are of high importance along with your participation, which will make the events even more fruitful.

In addition, we are excited to offer social programs to explore marvelous Jeju Island, which has been selected for UNESCO World Natural Heritage in 2007. This breathtaking beautiful island created by volcanic eruption in prehistoric era, are famous for bountiful forests, rocks, caves, volcanic craters, and grasslands.

We warmly invite you to IcAUMS 2018 with high confidence. This conference will provide memorable experiences - academic enrichment as well as socialization- to all delegates.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support, and we look forward to seeing you in IcAUMS 2018, Jeju!


Soon Cheol Hong
Conference Chairman
IcAUMS 2018